Lutheran Witness: August 2013


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From the editor

We like to think that mission work is dependent on us. It’s one of our favorite pastimes: to fret, to worry, to believe that those around the world who have not heard Christ’s Gospel need us to be doing more, giving more, praying more. Worrying that we aren’t doing enough is an easy temptation.

And if that were actually the case, if we were the ones ultimately responsible for reaching the lost, we would be in a bad place, indeed.

But the temptation is not the reality. Christ, in fact, is the one doing the doing. He is the one who saved His Church, who continues to loves her, who gave Himself for her, whose plan for her is perfect and best, who even forgives her when she falls into the trap of thinking salvation is reliant on her busyness or her dollars.

Be comforted, then, that the salvation of those who do not know Christ is not contingent on something you do. Rejoice that the Lord has this under control and that He works in you the desire to serve the lost.

In this issue of The Lutheran Witness, discover how He is using all of us as The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to take His Gospel to the very ends of the earth.

The Rev. Dr. Edward Grimenstein explains how each Christian is part of Christ’s mission in “God Is Calling You.” In “Steward of the Gifts,” the Rev. Steve Schave notes that whenever we speak of supporting the mission of the Church, we always focus on the very riches of heaven. “Lutheran Churches. Lutheran Missions.” by the Rev. Randall Golter clarifies how Christ uses His Church to seek those apart from Him.

In our Family Matters column for parents, Sunday School teachers and anyone who works with youth, the Rev. Thomas Chryst offers ideas on how to get young people involved in supporting Christ’s mission work. In our column for our Church’s youth–#believeboldly–the Rev. Tony Booker encourages young people to consider a career in service to Christ and, in turn, those in need of His Gospel.

Mission work isn’t dependent on us. We don’t need to fret. We don’t have to worry. “There is no place for hand-wringing in the Church of the resurrection,” my pastor once told me.

And he is right, because Christ is doing the doing. He’s using His Church, His pastors, His laypeople and His gifts to take forgiveness, life and salvation to His children at home and at the very ends of the earth.

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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