Lutheran Witness: February 2013


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From the editor

The Church spends a lot of time talking about married couples, families, grandparents and babies. But for all the chatter, we too easily forget our youth, our young adults. We forget that the faith is theirs as well, that they find joy in being Lutheran, that their desire for God’s Word is robust and strong.

This special issue of The Lutheran Witness is for them. It’s written to them, for them, by them. It deals with what they deal with: choosing a vocation, particularly one within the Church; sexting and why sending compromising photos to a member of the opposite sex isn’t a healthy way to build a relationship; marriage and what to look for in a Christian spouse.

It uncovers the problem of bullying and the way in which our Lord delivers us from our accusers, getting along with parents and understanding the Fourth Commandment, praying and the reasons why it’s even okay to ask God for things that seem ridiculously impossible.

It takes a hard look at dating and the search for contentment, whether a person is single or not; why our Lord would have them save sex for marriage; and how our young Lutherans can defend the faith among peers and teachers, friends and parents.

It’s their issue, but it’s for you adults too. You’re the pastors who shepherd them, the parents who pray for them, the teachers who lead them.

It’s my hope that you’ll use this issue to start a conversation with the young adults the Lord has placed into your care, that you’ll engage them in a discussion about our Lord’s grace and mercy, that you’ll use this issue to talk about why it’s awesome to be Lutheran or what it means to be a faithful man or woman or why the Small Catechism totally rocks.

This issue is for our youth. We have seen your bold faith. We have witnessed your joy over being Lutheran. We have watched your desire for God’s Word grow robust and strong. And we, as the Church, are better for it.

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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