Lutheran Witness: June-July 2013


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From the editor

Looking back at old reports in back issues of The Lutheran Witness, I noticed something peculiar: The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has been talking about the same things at her convention for decades. Discussions on church planting, missions, finances: You name the topic, and the LCMS has already covered it . . . and has been covering it for a long, long time.

The world probably sees this as pretty mundane. The LCMS, after all, doesn’t have the flashiness of the culture or the glitz of the latest trends. Instead, we move forward purposefully, methodically. And we do that because the dirty little secret is that mundane is actually quite good.

The LCMS knows her sweet spot. She knows she is “Baptized for This Moment,” the very theme of this year’s 65th Regular Convention. She doesn’t deviate. She doesn’t get off track.

Instead, she simply continues to receive what Christ has to give—what He has been giving all along—His Word, His forgiveness, His body and blood, His comfort, His peace. But those holy things, those that are so constant and unchanging that they are mundane to us, are in actuality quite extraordinary! Other worldly! Incomprehensible!

So rather than looking for the newest trend or the latest fad, we Lutherans stick to the joy of the everyday routine, even if it means that we talk about church fellowship and showing mercy to one’s neighbor at this year’s convention . . . again.

To get a sneak peek at what some of those enduring topics of discussion will be, look at “The Inside Scoop.” To remember all the ways in which the Lord has shown mercy to the LCMS, see “A Triennium of Blessings.” To learn more about the men who have been nominated for president of Synod, check out “The Interview.” To learn why your Baptism matters, read “Baptized.”

Yeah. Sure. Maybe at this convention we will, once again, talk about reaching out to those in urban and rural areas of the country, finances and engaging the youth. Maybe we’ll discuss, just like last time, what to do with our schools and what we believe worship to be.

But that is good and right. Those seemingly mundane things cause us remember that everything good the LCMS does is the work of the Lord in us. We don’t do. We receive. We don’t use Him. He uses us.

It’s Christ Who’s doing the doing. He’s using simple means, simple people, simple events like conventions to fulfill His good will, even if doesn’t seem all that extraordinary.

Because when it comes to Jesus, ordinary, as it turns out, is actually a very good thing.

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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