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Bumper stickers. Greeting cards. Home décor. During Advent and Christmas, it’s not hard to find any of the above outfitted with phrases like “Keep Christ in Christmas!” or “Jesus is the reason for the season!”

But how do we do that? And is He really?

This issue of The Lutheran Witness answers those questions, starting with Mollie Hemingway’s “The War on Advent,” which explains why this particular season of the Church Year causes us to repent and wait on Christ, while the Rev. Jim Roemke’s “The Camel-Hair-Covered John” encourages us to hear the words of “our brother, St. John the Baptizer, who prepared the ways of the Lord.”

Getting flack for your Christian understanding of Christmas while at college? In “Making the Incarnation Case,” Christian Boehlke helps you articulate why Jesus is both God and man, the one who takes away the sin of the world.

Unsure of why Jesus care for you in the first place? The Rev. William Weedon comforts you with the assurance that “He is born because He willed to bear your sin and be cursed that in Him you might be blessed, made a child of God and given the very gift of His Father’s home to be your own.”

Tensions running high as you prepare for the Christmas season? Read the Rev. Tim Paul’s “The Christmas Doll,” which may just give you a chuckle in this “season of high expectations,” while Deaconess Kristina Paul’s “The Present King” outlines the tangible hope Christ gives, especially in the middle of a season that brings with it stress, fear and anxiety.

Still wondering how to keep Christ in Christmas? The Rev. Mike Burdick explains that Christ comes to us in His Supper, that “the same Jesus of the lowly manger, the cross and the resurrection is present on Christmas morning in our churches.”

And let’s not forget: Who exactly is the reason for the season? Well, you are, and that’s why the Rev. Matthew Ruesch reminds us that that “the true celebration is the birth of Christ for you.”

Christ is still in Christmas, in His Word and Sacraments. And He does it all, gives it all, forgives all for me, for you. And that is a merry Christmas!

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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