Lutheran Witness: August 2015

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Young. Single. Father. Employed. Male. Married. College student. Mom. Old. Child. Female. Pick your nouns and adjectives, but those are the traits of the people who make up the one, holy, Christian and apostolic Church. And this issue of The Lutheran Witness is here to remind you that you’re a part of that timeless, faithful body of Christ!

This month, you’ll learn what makes the Church the Church, what young adults need from their congregations, why the Divine Service unites us, what worries and fears wiser members have, why dads’ involvement is essential when it comes to kids’ church attendance and how best to care for moms or singles.

You’ll also notice that we’re showcasing a refreshed design, and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to share a copy of The Lutheran Witness with your cousin, coworker or fellow Sunday School teacher who may not be reading it … yet. You can also point them to, where you’ll find other Lutheran Witness content online.

What is Christ’s Church? It’s just that: His. He creates it, sustains it, cares for it and calls you into it. So, young or old, married or single, take comfort in this: You are a part of something greater than yourself—the true Church. You are loved in Christ, and you are not alone.

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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