Lutheran Witness: September 2015

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From the editor

A lot of charges are leveled against Christianity. And just as many questions are asked of it.

After we’re dead, do our bodies even matter? Are we allowed to judge others? What about the old heresies that continue to rear their ugly heads still today? Is the Lord’s Supper dependent upon how much faith we have? Do we really have to sing hard hymns?

Is it enough to have a personal relationship with Jesus or should we go to to church too? Does Baptism really work? Should women be in the pulpit or the church kitchen? What about the verse in the Bible about Christians being hypocrites?

Who do we believe? And how do we know where to start? The answers are easy: Jesus and His Word.

It’s never been easy to be the Church, but in this issue of The Lutheran Witness, you’ll learn how easy it can be to debunk common myths leveled against Christianity and against Lutheranism in particular. Let’s learn together how to make a good confession while keeping in mind, as cover story author the Rev. Derek Roberts reminds us, “The Word of God is the number one aid in the fight against heresy. His true Word shines light on all falsehood.”

Thanks be to God!

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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