Lutheran Witness: April 2016


From the editor

Are there modern-day martyrs? Is Israel a political promised land?

We recently used social media to query our church workers about the most common questions they hear from church members. In this issue, you’ll find a small handful of what they shared with us.

How do I keep from falling away from the faith while at college? Anything sold at a Christian bookstore is okay to believe, right?

Similarly, you’ll find the answers to those questions, also written by church workers. It’s difficult to do justice to big topics in 500 words, but we hope that you’ll use these Q and As as a springboard to continue the conversation with your pastor, deaconess or other church worker.

How should I vote this election season? Is there any way to have a theological discussion on Facebook without it imploding?

You have your own questions about family, life, the faith. You also have church workers in your life who are eager to discuss those issues with you. Pick up the phone. Open a new email. Swing by the church office. That question you have? It has an answer.

Why does it seem like all the Church does is fight and squabble? Is it true that if I don’t do X, then the Church will die?

The Lord has given you people to encourage your growth in the faith, to clarify the things that confuse you and to point you to Jesus. More importantly, He gives you Himself at the altar rail and in the baptismal font for your benefit and your salvation. And the best part? There’s no question whatsoever about that!

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

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