Lutheran Witness: August 2017


From the editor

My third-grade teacher told my class there were no bad questions. And I believed her — right up until I dared to ask when we’d ever use multiplication in real life anyway. The earful I received in response taught me that there are, in fact, bad questions. (Or at least that I had really, really bad timing.)

Faith genuinely wants to understand — not math perhaps, but the Scriptures, our Savior and the Christian life. Flip through the following pages to discover some theologically hard but never (thankfully!) bad questions.

It’s my hope that some of your burning questions will be answered and, better still, that your faith will be stretched and molded in the comfort Christ alone gives. That is never bad! (And as it it turns out, multiplication tables aren’t so awful either.)

Adriane Heins, Managing Editor
The Lutheran Witness

P.S. This is my last issue as editor of The Lutheran Witness, as I rejoice to care for my husband and children in our home more fully. It has been a privilege to serve in this capacity, and I am grateful to each author, reader and letter writer. Your determination and pluck in pursuing holy things is humbling. Next month, you’ll meet the new editor, Rachel Bomberger — a wife, mother, writer and editor. Rachel appreciates the power and beauty of the written word, but I know her to love God and His Word greater still.

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