Letter From the President

Chosen and Blessed

“CHOSEN” was the theme of this year’s National Youth Gathering —a major purpose of which is to help our young people grow in their understanding of who they are as CHOSEN ones of our gracious God.

‘His Love Is Here for You’

Of all the LCMS conventions I have attended, none has exceeded or even equaled the evangelical and fraternal spirit of this year’s gathering.

The Synod in Convention

One Message—Christ! His Love is Here for You!
This is the theme for the Synod’s triennial national convention.

Law and Gospel Preaching

Have you heard some good sermons lately? By a “good sermon,” I mean proper and powerful preaching…

More Hopes and Dreams

Last month, I began to share with you the hopes, dreams, and objectives that I have for the Synod.

Hopes and Dreams

What hopes, dreams, or goals do you have for the future—for yourself and for your family? What about for your church?

We Are One People

As One People, we can all set our sights on the One Mission of seeking the lost by proclaiming the One Message that Jesus Christ alone is the Savior of the world.

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