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Heresy of Constant Conflict

As secularism grows and theological literacy declines, it’s little wonder that ancient heresies are rushing into the void.


Vocation of Citizenship

Vocation means far more than “what I do for a living.” According to Luther, Christians have multiple vocations or callings.

Social Media Politics

If you choose to wade into the deep waters of social media political conversations, whether related to the pandemic or the elections, first ask yourself these three questions.

Write for The Lutheran Witness in 2021

Are you a writer? Are you interested in writing for The Lutheran Witness?

The Religiously Remixed

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, we do not live in an increasingly secularized, materialist society. Rather, we live in a society in which people are increasingly “spiritual, but not religious.”

Praying Colors, Morning and Evening

I first encountered morning and evening colors at Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island.

Share my Suffering?

My body is diseased, and I am suffering with an illness, but I do not want to burden my children or my church with it. I have not told them because I do not want them to suffer with me.

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