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Being Distinctly Lutheran: A Life Worth Living

Lutheranism celebrates the physical in relation to the spiritual in several ways.


Happy … What?

am just old enough to remember when the mid-February greeting used to run: “Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!” Anyone else remember those days?

The Boldness of the Little Drummer Boy

The classic, kitschy Christmas song, “The Little Drummer Boy,” exemplifies the boldness that belongs to us as children of God.

Why December 25?

What if I told you that December 25 probably was the day on which the Lord Jesus was born? What if I told you that the evidence actually does point to December 25?

Martin Luther’s ‘Joy to the World’

Martin Luther never sang “Joy to the World.” But Luther’s hymn “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come” explodes with Christmas joy.

Thy People’s Everlasting Light

What a loving and beautiful reflection on Christ’s faithfulness and care for us we gain from our brothers and sisters of centuries ago …

In Defense of Giving Thanks

Christmas haters are called “Scrooges” or “Grinches,” but haters of Thanksgiving are considered socially conscious and realistic.

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