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The Existing Legal Protections of Religious Liberty

Despite concerns over a number of recent decisions by the US Supreme Court, a number of protections for religious liberty are still in place.


Lutheran Martyrs in Nigeria

Thousands of Lutherans have been driven out of their communities, lost their homes and all of their belongings, and must live in refugee camps.

Of Parking Lots and Catacombs

If the only place the church could gather to hear the Word and receive the Sacraments was a [catacomb/graveyard/prison camp], would I go?

Jesus is Lord

Three simple words, but words that cause the devil to rage, words that cost countless lives, words that are on our lips. What is it about these words, this simple confession, “Jesus is Lord,” that has so much power?

Supreme Court Makes LGBT Agenda a Civil Right

The court voted 6-3 to add sexual orientation, gender identity and transsexual status to the civil rights law, with only Justices Thomas, Kavanaugh and Alito dissenting.

Spiraling Out of Control
Spiraling Out of Control

A recent poll found that 80% of Americans believe the country is “spiraling out of control.”

Vocation and Lawlessness
Vocation and Lawlessness

We Lutherans speak quite a bit about the second use of the Law (as a mirror) and the third use of the Law (as a guide), but we also need to reflect on the first use of the Law (as a curb).

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