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The online musings from pastors, theologians and laity that will help you see the world from a Lutheran perspective. 

Why Worker Wellness? A word to pastors

By taking our health seriously, we will have more resilience to handle trials when they come, and to continue to serve one another well through them.


Why Worker Wellness? A word to lay leaders

When you support your church workers, you bless the whole Body of Christ.

A Global Hope

Being a confessional Lutheran church body can seem lonely — but the LCMS has 43 sister churches around the world that face similar pressures and challenges.

Our Great Heritage: Elizabeth of Hungary

Born a princess, she shunned her wealth to serve God by caring for the poor and needy.

The Church Prays for Church Workers

The community of Christ prays that God would supply church workers.

On ‘Till We Have Faces’: C.S. Lewis’s Comfort for the Post-Modern Evangelist

In this retelling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche, Lewis portrays God’s never-ceasing work to bring us to Himself.

Do Our Prayers Change Anything?

What can little Christians like us do before the Almighty? What can we ask of Him that He was not already planning to give?

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