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Review: Barbie — The Fruitless Search for Perfection

Writ large, the Barbie conundrum is really a human conundrum. We long for something ideal and perfect and good, but …


Stewardship Lessons from a Mission Trip
Stewardship Lessons from a Mission Trip

Mission trips can be a great and lasting tool for teaching and forming stewards.

Reclaiming the Marriage Bed

God has created the marriage bed for procreation and to create intimacy and affection between husband and wife.

Enter Your Congregation for the New LW Column

Here is your opportunity to get your congregation featured in the pages of The Lutheran Witness column, Walking Together.

Behold Your Dead Hero

Consider a moment how Americans make everything “super.” Nothing can be just ordinary in America — everything must be super.

Water and Redemption in ‘The Mandalorian’

Christians would do well to understand the differences between the Force religion of Star Wars and the reality of God.

Is the Baby Gone?

I do not believe the baby is gone. I believe that our Eden is in the arms of our Savior, and that we will see our child face to face.

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