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The online musings from pastors, theologians and laity that will help you see the world from a Lutheran perspective. 

In Defense of Giving Thanks

Christmas haters are called “Scrooges” or “Grinches,” but haters of Thanksgiving are considered socially conscious and realistic.


How to Study the Bible at Home

Practical tips for studying the Bible at home, individually and as a family.

How Should Christian Parents and Teachers Help Children Grow in Virtue?

“Socioemotional learning” is an attempt to teach children virtue without religion.

Seek to Show Hospitality

I am not in the habit of bowing to the earth like Abraham when guests come over for dinner, but I do like to run out my front door …

Snippet Update: Michigan Proposal 3

Since the publication of this issue, however, the Michigan Supreme Court ordered that the proposal be added to the ballot on November 8

Movie Review: ‘Luck’

The words of my seven-year-old daughter capture my overall impressions of “Luck”: “Daddy, it is a fun movie, but it doesn’t make sense.”

A Worthwhile Sex Education Resource for Christian Families

 Teaching Chastity for Life frankly and kindly models how to think about human sexuality in light of God’s Word …

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