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The Ballad of Baby Peach

When we welcome the three-legged chickens, we very often find ourselves surprised and delighted by the ways God blesses our lives.


When Your Pastor Gets Deployed

Advice from LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces on the steps a congregation should take at each stage of their pastor’s deployment.

U.S. Population Changes Bring Opportunities

Population growth in the U.S. is slowing, with the decade of 2010–2020 recording the slowest growth rate in American history.

Write for LW in 2021: Part 2

For 140 years, The Lutheran Witness has taught and educated English-speaking Lutherans all over the world. We teach what the Bible teaches.

How the Church Can Support Military Families during Deployment

They say something always breaks in the first week of a spouse’s deployment. Maybe this is a gift in disguise.

Anselm of Canterbury

On April 21, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) commemorates the great Archbishop of Canterbury St. Anselm.

Here I Stand

A poem celebrating Martin Luther’s famous stand before the Holy Roman Emperor during the Diet of Worms on April 18, 1521.

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