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Our Great Heritage: Paul the Apostle

Once a persecutor of the church, he was called by Christ to share His Good News with the Gentiles — and, down the centuries, with us.


The Failure of Digital Community

From liquid modernity to incarnate community By Josh Pauling In the year 2000, the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman coined the …

St. Matthias’s Yoke

Pastors need to hear the warning of Judas together with the ordination of Matthias.

Our Great Heritage: What Is History?

As a Christian, you already know what history is about: Jesus coming to save you.

Christian Hope Amidst Numerical Decline

It is understandable to grieve at the closing of a parish; but remember that every church building on earth, however beloved it may be, is a temporary haven.

On “A Time to Keep” by Tasha Tudor

Family traditions show our children that our seemingly mundane and fleeting lives can be a reflection of the eternal life we are meant for.

How To Respond to Conflict and Sin in the Church

What does Scripture teach us about dealing with conflict in the church?

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