Lutheran Witness: September 2023

The September issue of The Lutheran Witness digs in to the relationship between archaeology and apologetics.

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A Brief History of the Ideas behind Wokeism

Wokeism is not a new philosophy, but has roots in the thinking of early 20th century Marxists, postmodernists, and academicians.

The Social Agenda of Woke Ideology

Despite woke striving for an inclusive society, it’s not a society in which anyone with a fixed theology or values can be included as equals.

'Woke' Worldview upside down of a globe
Patterns of Thought in the ‘Woke’ Worldview

Understanding ‘woke’ worldviews will help Christians known how to respond to this movement spreading across the U.S.

Awake or Woke

Be on guard and “stay awake at all times” so that you are not distracted by … this world and unsure about your salvation …

Our Lord's Supper

Waiting for Him

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