Lutheran Witness: March 2023

The March issue of The Lutheran Witness seeks to understand the religiously unaffiliated (the “Nones”) and how they think.

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Monograms, Christograms and Initialisms

Christian symbols have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Most are pictures condensed into a simplified form.

The Cross, the Crucifix and Other Crosses

Ask a believer what the first Christian symbol was, and most likely they would respond: “The cross.” They would, however, be dead wrong.

The Face of God

Artwork and visual symbolism seen in a church building often make a confession long before parishioners hear what is confessed in the liturgy. Some of …

Birds That Flock the Sanctuary

Images of birds, for example, often appear in Christian art, but a few of these symbols need some explaining.

Under the Stars

Stars have a long and distinguished history in church art, and this didn’t start with the old “stars and stripes.”

Mary and the Crowned Woman

Representations of Mary, the mother of our Lord, often evoke a great deal of consternation among Lutherans.

On Halos

For the most part, early Christians placed halos on images of “sainted” Christians, that is, Christians already in heaven …

Our Lord's Supper

Waiting for Him

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