Lutheran Witness: May 2021

The May issue of The Lutheran Witness takes up the theme “Seek First the Kingdom of God,” exploring how this looks for Christians in a world full of temptations and idols.

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Two Views on Technology and Faith, Part 2: Sharing the Gospel on Social Media

Can the Gospel be shared on social media? Absolutely. But to use social media to share the Gospel is to be in it for the long haul.

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Two Views on Technology and Faith, Part 1: The Divided Mind

While technology has indeed made us more efficient, it has also created a world where we do multiple things at the same time. And a divided mind fosters worry.

Letter From the Editor
Seek First the Kingdom of God

As we struggle to look at the world from a Lutheran perspective — that is, a biblical perspective — we must learn to identify and struggle against the idols that tempt us to abandon or neglect seeking first the kingdom of God.

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