Christ Crucified

The darker the world, the brighter the Gospel. The more depressing the sermon of the world is, the more precious becomes the preaching of our beloved pastors.

Lutheran Witness: April 2023

The April issue of The Lutheran Witness explores the Christian’s life in the three estates: the church, the family and the state.

‘If We Are Faithless …’

We’ve all certainly heard of “eleventh-hour conversions” … Would this have been the opposite? Eleventh-hour wavering? Deathbed doubt?

For the Dead

The rite of Christian burial is often the last good work the Lord permits us to do for our beloved friends until we meet them again in the resurrection.

Dust to Dust

A Christian funeral is a great and final confession. This issue of The Lutheran Witness will help you think about planning your own.

Lutheran Witness: September 2021

The September Lutheran Witness explores how Christian funerals can confess our hope in Christ, and provides counsel for planning your own.

Share my Suffering?

My body is diseased, and I am suffering with an illness, but I do not want to burden my children or my church with it. I have not told them because I do not want them to suffer with me.

Ars Moriendi: The Art of Dying Well

Ars Moriendi: The art of dying well. Death is not a good thing; God imposed it on Adam and Eve and the entire human race as a punishment for sin. How, then, does one “die well”? With faith and confidence in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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