Lutheran Witness: September 2020

Under the theme “Ars Moriendi: The Art of Dying Well,” the September issue of The Lutheran Witness continues the ancient Christian tradition of reflecting on and preparing for one’s death with faith and confidence in Christ’s resurrection. It features reflections from LCMS pastors on the various fears that surround death — hospice and nursing homes, fears of faith and conscience, the temptations of Satan in the hour of death — and answers these in light of the Gospel.


  • Enough Faith? — William Cwirla
  • Fear of Death — Benjamin Ball
  • Baptismal Confidence — Gregory R. Truwe
  • Pain of Dying — Jeffrey Hemmer
  • Incorrect Reception of the Supper — Michael Larson
  • Haunting Sins — Peter Ill
  • Prime of Life — Michael Schuermann
  • Family Provision — Lucas V. Woodford
  • Too Much to Do — Roger B. James
  • What About Hospice? — Mark Taylor
  • Why Am I Alive? — Timothy Pauls
  • Fear of Nursing Homes — Jeffery W. Ware
  • Deathbed Conversion? — Daniel L. Gard
  • Losing Memories — Tyler Arnold
  • Overwhelmed by Grief — Peter C. Bender
  • Fear of the Moment of Death — Daniel Torkelson
  • Enough Good Works — Andrew Packer


  • world views: A monthly news column from Gene Edward Veith
  • searching scriptures: In the Very Midst of Life — Matthew Wood
  • endnotes: Memento Mori, Memento Christi — Roy S. Askins
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