Body and Soul; Bytes and Screens

Does this article exist? You can’t hold it in your hands, turn the pages, mark it up with a pen and highlighter, or crumple it up …

And the Word Tabernacled Among Us

The tabernacle signified God’s presence among His people Israel. Now, we look to Jesus to see the place of God’s presence among His people.

Lutheran Witness: December 2020

In the December Lutheran Witness, read how Christ’s incarnation was prefigured throughout the Old Testament and continues to be the source of greatest gifts today.

Tabernacled Among Us: Christ in the Exodus

God provided blood atonement for sinful Israel in the tabernacle. But here in the manger lies the new and better tabernacle, built not with poles, rings and ram’s skins, but with human flesh, born of Mary.

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