Lutheran Witness: April 2006

With this issue, The Lutheran Witness unveils a fresh, new look in its design. Eight years have passed since our last major updating— going to full-color in April 1998. We felt it was time to enliven the magazine again. Corresponding with the new layout, we also have modified our approach to content, seeking to make our stories more spiritually oriented and distinctively Lutheran.

  • From the President: He Did Not Die Again!
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • Back From the Dead — Arthur A. Just Jr.
  • Holy Week Q&A — William Weedon
  • Beyond Bunnies — Linda Bredehoft
  • Hope in the Hour of Need — Kenneth J. Doka
  • The Da Vinci Distortion — Paul L. Maier
  • The Ugly and the Beautiful — Uwe Siemon-Netto


  • Lifeline
  • Letters
  • Notices
  • Family Counselor
  • Q & A
  • Shedding Some Light
  • Searching Scripture
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