Lutheran Witness: September 2006

Normally, we use this space to draw your attention to a particular article—often the cover story—in the issue at hand. This month, though, I’d like to comment on the regular department known as “Letters.” Each month, we receive far more letters to-the-editor than we possibly can hope to print. This is both gratifying and a shame. It’s gratifying because so many readers take the time each month to share their thoughts on stories, columns, and other letters. But it’s also a shame because, owing to space limitations, we can publish only a handful. This will change in coming months with the advent of a vastly revised Lutheran Witness Web site (

  • From the President: A Great Joy
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • The Revelation and Inspiration of the New Testament — Jeffrey Kloha
  • ‘Who Else is Going to Do It?’ — Kim Plummer Krull
  • Is Jesus Boring? — Kenneth Klaus
  • Hymnal & Concrete — Tim Shoup
  • ‘A Powerful New Direction’ — Joe Isenhower Jr.
  • Truth on Demand — Charles Manske


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  • Letters
  • Notices
  • Family Counselor
  • Q & A
  • Shedding Some Light
  • Searching Scripture
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