Lutheran Witness: January 2009

Peculiar. Today, when we use that word in conversation, our implication is
often pejorative. But as Dr. Lawrence Rast Jr. points out in our cover story, there is an older tradition regarding the use of peculiar, too, a sense that means special, unique, and yes, different in a good way. It is in that sense, and in the context of today’s 24/7, ever-changing and increasingly secular world that Rast (and fellow author Jim Gimbel as well) reminds us that we as Lutherans have special—yes, peculiar—insights to offer and a marvelous story to tell, a story centered on Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.

  • From the President: Marriage as God Intended
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • On Being Lutheran in 2009 — Lawrence R. Rast Jr.
  • A Historic Heritage A Distinctive Voice — Jim Gimbel
  • What Are Those Lutheran Confessions Anyway — Herbert C. Mueller Jr.
  • Every Picture Tells a (Lutheran) Story — Kim Plummer Krull


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