Lutheran Witness: August 2011

Our theme for August is “Lutheran Confession, Lutheran Mission.” Prof. John Pless takes an in-depth look at what makes Lutheranism distinct and why Lutherans are uniquely equipped to share God’s Word with others around the globe.

  • From the President: The Worldwide Reach of the Gospel
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • Paper of Plastic– Christopher Hall
  • Lutheran Confession Lutheran Mission – John T. Pless
  • A Lutheran Hymnal for Kenya – Richard C, Resch
  • Churches in Fellowship– Seminary Student Contribution
  • The Gospel According to Bach – David L. Mahsman


  • 10 Minutes with . . . Frederick “Fritz” Upham – Adriane Dorr
  • Letters
  • Family Matters – Strengthening Single Parent Families – Monique Nunes
  • Q & A
  • Notices
  • This Month in Church . . . Name That Tune! – Greg Wismar
  • Searching Scripture. . .The Season of Commencement – Dennis J. Goff
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