Lutheran Witness: December 2011

Christmas is not about presents, trees, reindeer and eggnog. It is not about travel plans, fruitcake and ugly sweaters.

It is about Christ. It is about God becoming man in the child Jesus. But Christmas does not leave Jesus in the manger. Indeed, Christmas would have no meaning if Jesus never grew up. Instead, Christmas is about God becoming man to suffer in our place, to overcome death on our behalf, to take away the sins of the world.

So join with us in celebrating the incarnation—and Christ’s death and resurrection too—in the December issue of The Lutheran Witness.

  • From the President: The Missouri Synod Needs Advent
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • What’s Your Part – Elizabeth M. Truong
  • Putting St. Nicholas Back in Christmas – Gene Edward Veith
  • A King Pronounced – AJ Neugebauer
  • We Praise Thee, O God – Gretchen Roberts
  • Your Child Already Believes – Nicholas Huelsman


  • 10 Minutes with . . . Clayton Andrews – Adriane Dorr
  • Letters
  • Family Matters – Your Child Already Believes – Nicholas Huelsman
  • Q & A
  • This Month in Church . . . On the Twelfth Day – Greg Wismar
  • Notices
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