Lutheran Witness: September 2011

For many of us, there are particular seasons in the Church Year that stand out in our minds, certain services or commemorations that open God’s Word up to us in ways we haven’t understood it before. Those times, those ah-ha! moments, can profoundly change our understanding of who Christ is and what He does.

September’s Lutheran Witness walks you through those times, through the Church Year, the calendar by which the church orders its days, months and seasons.

  • From the President: Be Bold in Your Prayers
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • Making Time is Making Time – Travis J. Scholl
  • St. Michael and All Angels – Albert B. Collver III
  • A Church Paper in Every Home – James Heine
  • Jesus’ Autobiography: The History of the Church Year – Samuel Schuldheisz


  • 10 Minutes with . . . Dr. Paul L. Maier – Adriane Dorr
  • Letters
  • Q & A
  • This Month in Church . . . An Army of Angels– Dennis J. Goff
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