Lutheran Witness: October 2017

Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation and learn about the 95 Theses, Luther’s rose, “A Mighty Fortress” and more in this month’s issue of The Lutheran Witness.



  • Luther on Lutheranism — Cameron A. MacKenzie
  • The 95 Theses: A readers’ guide — Kevin A. Armbrust
  • The reformation tour of a lifetime — Kevin E. Voss and Christian C. Tiews
  • The quotable Luther
  • Luther’s rose
  • 500 (and counting) — Jeni Miller
  • Luther’s hymns: true or false? — Paul Grime
  • The day and the man


  • vdma: Indulgences then and now — Brian A. Flamme
  • faith and family: How to teach children a Reformation hymn — Katie Schuermann
  • this month in church: A Mighty Fortress — Albert Collver
  • searching scriptures: Faith or works? — Joshua P. H. Conradt

From the editor

Guess what? It’s time!

After months and years of mounting excitement and anticipation, October 31, 2017 — the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation — is finally at hand.

As you’ll read in Jeni Miller’s article “500 (and counting)” (p. 12), Lutherans around the world are celebrating this momentous milestone, and the LW team is no exception. In this issue, you’ll find articles on indulgences and the 95 Theses, on Luther’s seal and Luther’s hymns — and much more besides.

Yes, October 2017 is a wonderful month in which to remember and take pride in our Lutheran heritage. More than pride, though, what I’m really feeling at this moment is gratitude — deep, abiding gratitude for the privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder with this great multitude of saints who, for 500 years, have boldly proclaimed together the good news of God’s salvation by grace, through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Soli deo Gloria. To God alone be the glory.

Rachel Bomberger
Managing Editor, The Lutheran Witness

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