Media & Culture

The Rev. David Rufner offers a commentary on media fear-mongering and how the timeless Word of God soothes the anxious mind.

Breaking Down the Church Year

Every festival season and each distinctive church celebration has a particular and specific focus on the works of Jesus in the salvation story of our lives.

October 2013 Letters

Regarding the president of the LCMS’ letter of March 2013: Wow! What a pleasure to read the most beautiful and thoughtful dissertation on what marriage is and should be versus the contemporary views that you so succinctly summed up . . . Thank you, Pastor Harrison, for this amazing proclamation! Where are the others who

Shedding Some Light

There’s Medicine for That My sister is a kindergarten teacher in Kentucky. She sent me this text: “Best child quote of the day. After running around during recess, my student puts his hand on his belly and says, ‘I feel obnoxious!’” Kathryn GrittsSt. Louis, Mo.   Now Trending on TwitterWhen our four-year-old son, who is

August 2013 Letters

I am writing this letter to thank all of those involved with the publication of The Lutheran Witness. This magazine is full of relevant articles concerning very important issues and accurately addresses these issues from a biblical and confessional Lutheran approach. It is full of rich theology, which is attractive to a pre-seminary student like

June/July 2013 Letters

Thanks for the excellent quality of articles in Lutheran Witness lately. I really appreciate more solid Lutheran teaching and articles that may be used for study or further research for discussion groups. The tone is also more firm and allows us to take a certain amount of pride in our heritage and Confessions. Growing up

May 2013 Letters to the Editor

I just read the article, Cant We All Just Get Along in the March 2013 issue of The Lutheran Witness. I was more than a little surprised about what we Lutherans are supposed to believe regarding the Lords Supper. The Lords Supper, as beneficial as it is, does not forgive sins. Forgiveness of sins is

A Simple Way to Pray

Download a free two-part Bible study on Luther’s “A Simple Way to Pray” and view an accompanying video by President Harrison.

April 2013 Letters to the Editor

Your [February] Lutheran Witness issue is fantastic! Lots of good stuff . . . and lots of stuff I’d love to share with other members (particularly parents) of our congregation. Thanks! Luke EsselmanGrace Coopersville, Mich. I want to thank you for your well-written “10 Reasons It’s Awesome to Be Lutheran” in the February issue of

A Simple Way to Pray

Download a free two-part Bible study on Luther’s A Simple Way to Pray. and view an accompanying video by President Harrison.

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