Lutheran Witness: August 2021

In the August issue of The Lutheran Witness, “Pastor, I have a question,” LCMS church workers answer the questions they most commonly receive in their service to Christ’s church.


  • Understanding the Church Worker Recruitment Initiative — James Baneck
  • Devotional Life — William Cwirla
  • God’s Provision — Peter Gregory
  • Advice on Schooling — Stephen W. Kieser
  • Selecting Good Books — Christine Rivers 
  • Problems with Focus — Michael Schuermann
  • Saved in Baptism — Steven Cholak
  • Deaconesses — Pamela Boehle-Silva
  • Anger — Christopher Gillespie
  • Choosing Hymns — Mark Bender
  • Going to Church — Scott R. Murray
  • Some and Not Others — Clint Stark
  • Lost Children — Jacob Sutton
  • Knowing or Feeling — Todd A. Peperkorn


  • from the web: Six-Winged Killing Machines — Edward Riojas
  • snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • searching scriptures: From Thence He Will Come To Judge the Living and the Dead
  • lutherans engage: Christ’s Gifts Freely Given — Erik M. Lunsford

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