Lutheran Witness: December 2022

The December issue of The Lutheran Witness lays out the Christian view of man, grounded in the imago Dei and Christ’s incarnation. Only theology can give us a true anthropology.


  • Jesus, Our New Adam — Adam Hensley
  • Dignity in Christ Alone — Angus J.L. Menuge
  • Depraved, Perverted and Distorted: The Flacian Controversy — Adam S. Francisco
  • God’s Reality: Man and the Metaverse — Roy S. Askins


  • Snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • Back to Bradbury: A story by Katie Schuermann, published in installments
  • From the CTCR: Marriage between Church and State
  • Book Review: Confessing Jesus by Molly Lackey
  • Searching Scriptures: Stand Firm

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