Snippet Update: Michigan Proposal 3

In this month’s issue of The Lutheran Witness (October 2022), we reported in the Snippets that an attempt to enshrine abortion rights in the Michigan constitution had failed. The Michigan Board of State Canvassers had rejected the proposal.

Since the publication of this issue, however, the Michigan Supreme Court ordered that the proposal be added to the ballot on November 8. The LCMS Michigan District reached out to LW and asked us to inform our readers of this change.

Michigan Proposal 3, Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative (2022) would solidify Michigan’s place as a haven for abortion seekers. Despite referring to “Reproductive Freedom” in its title, it would allow the killing of unborn children throughout all nine months of pregnancy. It would also erase or emend 47 other state laws, as analyzed by John Bursch, a former Michigan solicitor general. These laws govern a wide swath of reproductive health issues and the rights of parents in relation to the care of their children.

Proposal 3 has enormous financial backing. As of the publication date of this article, those supporting the proposal have spent $8.8 million promoting it to Michigan voters. In contrast, those opposing the measure have spent $359,574.

For our readers from the LCMS Michigan District: Connect with your district office to see how you can help protect unborn life in your state. You can also listen to district leaders discuss the proposal. Let us all continue to pray for the protection of the unborn, whether in Michigan or elsewhere throughout the world. Lord, have mercy.

Photo: LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

2 thoughts on “Snippet Update: Michigan Proposal 3”

  1. I was once a Lutheran in the old LCA. I left when the Lutheran synods merged and turned into a left wing political group focused on promoting abortions and gay rights.

    I am glad to discover that there are still Lutherans that believe in God and pay attention to what is actually written in the Bible.

  2. I am a Catholic who thanks all Lutherans who are opposing Proposal 3. We need to stand united against this evil proposal.

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