Why December 25?

What if I told you that December 25 probably was the day on which the Lord Jesus was born? What if I told you that the evidence actually does point to December 25?

Thy People’s Everlasting Light

What a loving and beautiful reflection on Christ’s faithfulness and care for us we gain from our brothers and sisters of centuries ago …

In Defense of Giving Thanks

Christmas haters are called “Scrooges” or “Grinches,” but haters of Thanksgiving are considered socially conscious and realistic.

Seek to Show Hospitality

I am not in the habit of bowing to the earth like Abraham when guests come over for dinner, but I do like to run out my front door …

Movie Review: ‘Luck’

The words of my seven-year-old daughter capture my overall impressions of “Luck”: “Daddy, it is a fun movie, but it doesn’t make sense.”

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