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Heresy of Constant Conflict

As secularism grows and theological literacy declines, it’s little wonder that ancient heresies are rushing into the void.


Living Together Before Marriage

by Richard C. Eyer As I sat in the waiting room thumbing through the only magazines available–women’s magazines–I skimmed an …

Buy the Field!

by R. Reed Lessing The year is 588 B.C. and Nebuchadnezzar, the great Babylonian king, is establishing his headquarters at …

Would St. Paul Work at Starbucks? Going Where the People Are

by Dave Ficken Living with the Gospel in church is often comfortable. But in an age when people no longer …

What Do You Crave?

A coffeehouse offers ‘Peace, Coffee, More’ … and conversations about Jesus by Roland Lovstad At the crossroads of a university …

Pastors Are People, Too

by Gary J. Ellul When you picture a pastor, what do you see? My oldest daughter recently told me how …

What’s New at Our Concordias?

Our LCMS colleges and universities are responding to needs in their communities.

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