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On ‘Anna Karenina’: A prescient critique of sexual disorder

Although he wrote long before the Sexual Revolution, Tolstoy anticipates the tragic effects of such an ethic on human life.


“With the Cross of Jesus”

by James Heine While a raging Cedar River may have forced Harlan and Marge Ketelsen to abandon the home they …

Pilots Help Tell the Story

by Diane Strzelecki Nate Predoehl, a lifelong Lutheran, first heard about Mission Central from his mother, who had seen Gary …

“Just Bring Yourself”

by Paula Schlueter Ross Brenda Johnson (at right in above photo), the head cook at Camp Restore, New Orleans, invites …

Luther’s Journey with Paul: For Further Reading

Books on Luther and Paul, or on the history of Pauline interpretation, are often quite technical (and often in German). However, here are a few possibilities for further reading that are relatively accessible and provide broader background for the topics touched on in my story that appears in this issue of The Lutheran Witness.

Our Seminaries: Responding to Needs, Addressing Costs

by Roland Lovstad It’s fair to say no two ministries–or congregations–in the LCMS are alike. They may be small churches …

Starting Anew with a Seminary Graduate

by Roland Lovstad Graduating seminarians anticipate seminary “Call Day” as a time to move from preparation to active ministry. At the …

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