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Why Worker Wellness? A word to pastors

By taking our health seriously, we will have more resilience to handle trials when they come, and to continue to serve one another well through them.


Pastors Are People, Too

by Gary J. Ellul When you picture a pastor, what do you see? My oldest daughter recently told me how …

What’s New at Our Concordias?

Our LCMS colleges and universities are responding to needs in their communities.

Lutheran Summer Music: An Intern’s Perspective

Read about how Lutheran Summer Music camp has helped LSM Intern Megan Wright learn and grow into a confident musician.

Every Picture Tells a (Lutheran) Story

When you picture “a Lutheran,” whom do you see?

Saints: More Than a ‘Short List’

The Lutheran Church is certainly not ‘short on saints,’ for in the wider sense, we are all saints together by God’s grace.

World Mission Includes the U.S.

Distinctions between U.S. and international missions are diminishing, says Dr. Robert Scudieri, LCMS World Mission associate executive director of National Mission. “In the 21st-century, we should be thinking about this as a circle, with immigrants to the United States reaching back to their homelands and then receiving gifts of talents and treasures for their work here.”

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