Youth Will Live LOVE(D)

Learn how LCMS high-school youth will put Witness, Mercy, Life Together into action at the 2013 National Youth Gathering.

10 Minutes With . . . Colonel Bud Day

by Jeni Miller “For the very fact that the sword has been instituted of God to punish the evil and protect the good and preserve peace, (Romans 13:1, 1 Peter 3:1) is proof, powerful and sufficient, that fighting and slaying and the other things that war-times and martial law bring with them, have been instituted

Believe It Your Way

The June/July issue’s focus on “Believe It Your Way,” the notion of one being “spiritual, but not religious,” was of particular interest to me as a 25-year veteran marriage and family life educator in college classrooms. Such cafeteria-style belief systems are indeed common–especially among today’s young adults. Their attitude is being summed up as “So

Marching Orders

by Rev. Dr. Greg Wismar From vict’ry unto vict’ry His army He shall lead.” These familiar words from the first stanza of “Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus” (LSB 660) are typical of the many expressions in the prayers, liturgies and hymnody of the Church that contain military images and references. The pages of the

Wounded Souls Made Whole

by Chaplain Daniel Gard Since 2001, America has engaged in a long war against terror. Christ alone provides comfort to this new generation of veterans who has left home, served and returned. The Spirit of God moved across the formless, dark void that was to become the earth. By His Word, He called the universe

Standing Ready

Read the stories of soldiers and the LCMS chaplains who bring Christ to them.

Shedding Some Light

Only You Can Prevent Church Fires        A few years ago in December, I visited my friend’s church. The service was beautiful, but when it came time for the sermon, the pastor spoke a long time and my attention waned. Suddenly, I heard him call out, “There’s a fire going on in here!” Thinking that

Youth Will Live LOVE(D)

Learn how LCMS high-school youth will put Witness, Mercy, Life Together into action at the 2013 National Youth Gathering.

Say the Same Thing

by Rev. Joshua Hayes Newer is better. We want our devices to be cutting-edge and fast and highly personalized. When it comes to the things of God, however, the Scriptures teach us that newer is not always better, nor should we each have a personal version of the faith. Rather, we are to share and

10 Minutes with . . .Dr. Bruce G. Kintz

by James H. Heine Concordia Publishing House is one of only four winners of the 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award–the country’s highest presidential honor for business-performance excellence through innovation, improvement and visionary leadership. CPH is the only nonprofit among the 2011 winners, announced Nov. 22. The 69 organizations that qualified for the award were

Spiritual but Not Religious

Is there a difference between being spiritual and being religious? by Rev. Travis J. Scholl You know this one-liner by now, don’t you? You’re talking with somebody in the grocery store, and somehow your church comes up. Then you get the look: the tilt of the head, the naive smile, the dewy eyes, the feigned

Believe It Your Way

Religious life has become a buffet of beliefs, but does the First Commandment allow this?

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