October 2013 Letters

Regarding the president of the LCMS’ letter of March 2013: Wow! What a pleasure to read the most beautiful and thoughtful dissertation on what marriage is and should be versus the contemporary views that you so succinctly summed up . . . Thank you, Pastor Harrison, for this amazing proclamation! Where are the others who would declare such a testimony of what marriage has become?

Warren Jennison
Lake Mary, Fla.

A quiet Sunday afternoon. Time to catch up on my reading. I’m into the May Lutheran Witness. I’m excited about the great emphasis on the word of God in the lives of Christ’s people. Then I came to the article by titled “Keeping The Sabbath.” I read it several times. After 57 years as a pastor, I could not grasp what the author was trying to say. It seemed he was talking about the importance of Sunday worship. It has always been my understanding that Sunday is not Sabbath but the Lord’s Day, an ongoing celebration of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. In the paragraph titled, “The Sabbath transfers holiness,” the author seemed to be making “Sabbath” into a “means of grace,” bringing many blessings to a believer. Grace comes to us, gives life and holiness before God by the working of the Holy Spirit through God’s inspired Holy Scriptures. According to Luther’s explanation of the Third Commandment, the commandment tells us Christians to love the word and be immersed in it. To God be the glory!

Rev. Ed Dubberke (emeritus)
St. Louis, Mo.

I always read my Lutheran Witness with interest and often find an article to share when teaching a Sunday School class. Currently, I am struggling to interpret the metaphor of the antique rotary dial red telephone conveying the idea that God is calling. From the articles, I assume that the major target audience is younger people. I am bemused at the idea of using a picture of something that they have never even seen to symbolize God’s calling. . . . So what are we saying here? God got as far as the rotary dial age and then stopped moving forward?

Kris Bruun
Hurst, Texas

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