The Social Agenda of Woke Ideology

Despite woke striving for an inclusive society, it’s not a society in which anyone with a fixed theology or values can be included as equals.

Being Merciful to the Toxic

Jesus does not command that we suffer abuse and injustice passively. There may be times we need to set boundaries in our relationships.

Awake or Woke

Be on guard and “stay awake at all times” so that you are not distracted by … this world and unsure about your salvation …

Why (and How) to Teach Your Children Classic Poems

God built countless gifts into His creation. He gave us the warmth of fire, the smell of dirt and the taste of apples gathered in a sunny orchard in October. He also gave us poetry. Poems may not grow on trees, but they still occur as part of the created order. Humans instinctively desire to

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