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2023 Convention Essayist Overview

The convention essays will explore how the preaching of Christ crucified remains the power and wisdom of God for the redemption of the world.

We Preach Christ Crucified

The message of Christ’s crucifixion is complete folly to the world and has been ridiculed from the beginning.

Multi-Congregation Parishes

Multi-congregation parishes can help congregations thrive in their work, refocus on what it means to be the church and remain in place with a lively presence of Word and Sacrament ministry.

Christ Crucified

The darker the world, the brighter the Gospel. The more depressing the sermon of the world is, the more precious becomes the preaching of our beloved pastors.

Resurrected Body

Easter changes everything. It even answers the question of transgenderism.

None Excluded

America’s children have left the church in droves, yet many do not deny the existence of God.

Into the Valley of Shadows

The journey with a loved through into and through Alzheimer’s disease is a journey into darkness and difficulty.

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