Family Counselor

Caring for Caregivers

by Dr. Leslie (Jack) Fyans My mother lives in a nursing home in another state and is becoming more erratic in how she reacts to staff there. My siblings and I get calls asking us to “convince” Mom to cooperate when they have to take her to the hospital or to have a procedure. Our

Thinking through Options

by Theresa Shaltanis One of my sisters is planning a family reunion for Thanksgiving, and it’s turning out to be a real problem. She has chosen to invite our brother’s ex-wife but not our brother! My sister is a faithful Christian woman, but her decision is making it difficult for all of us, and we

You Can Go Home Again

by Dr. William B. Knippa Our son is graduating from college, and as parents, we couldn’t be prouder. But we are a bit chagrined that he plans to move back home with us while he looks for a job. We’ve gotten used to being empty-nesters and aren’t sure how we can make this work for

‘Choice’ Words

by Dr. Leslie (Jack) Fyans Our child attends a Lutheran prekindergarten. We were dismayed when he came home with some words we don’t approve of. Before this year, he didn’t have a lot of interaction with other children, so this is a new experience for us. Do we talk to the teacher? Reprimand our son?

Taking Responsibility

by Theresa M. Shaltanis My daughter will graduate from high school in June. She’s a good kid, but doesn’t help much around the house. It seems I am either nagging her or picking up after her. She’ll go away to college next year, and I know I’ll miss her terribly. How do I balance the

How Much Control?

by Dr. Randy Schroeder My husband believes that a Christian parent should have absolute control over his or her children. He has rules for everything, and he expects our children always to be perfect. I’m afraid he is damaging them. The tension at home is high, and our children are starting to rebel. What help

A Prime Opportunity for Conversation

by Dr. William B. Knippa My sixth-grade son asked me recently if there is life on other planets. This came from news reports that scientists have discovered water on the moon. I know it’s more of a scientific question than a “Family Counselor” question, but what can I tell him about what the Bible has

Sadness and the Seasons

by Dr. Leslie (Jack) Fyans I have lived in the upper Midwest all my life but have always dreaded the winters. The gloomy weather depresses me. Do other people have this problem, or is it just me? All of us are affected by our natural environment, and our bodies seem to be especially sensitive to

Grieving a Significant Loss

by Theresa M. Shaltanis I lost my wife three years ago the week after Thanksgiving. Since then, this time of year has felt empty to me. Friends have told me it’s time I get over this, but I just can’t. What can you suggest that might make this time less melancholy? The death of a

True Repentance

by Dr. William B. Knippa Every once in a while I hear our pastor say how we all sin much daily. What does he mean? What does it mean to repent of our sin? Photo by I commend you for posing a question that, I suspect, many worshiping Christians ask themselves but feel hesitant

Just Friends?

by Dr. Randy Schroeder My husband is a wonderful Christian man, caring and friendly with everyone. Frequently, he will have lunch with other women from work and our congregation to discuss “business” matters. He says men and women can be just friends. I am fearful of an affair, but he says not to worry.

Maintaining Perspective

by Dr. Leslie (Jack) Fyans Earlier this summer, the news was filled with stories about the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. The international attention this generated was astounding, even for a former Jackson fan like me! I have compassion for the loved ones of these celebrities, but I wonder how we can help

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