Lutheran Witness: December 2009

By the time you read this, not only Advent but the Christmas season will be in full swing. In the days ahead, many of us will, at one time or another, recall our family traditions and past family celebrations: trimming the tree, tromping through the snow to the children’s service on Christmas Eve, the Christmas morning choral concert, exchanging gifts—Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?—alternating between the homes of grandparents and aunts and uncles for Christmas Day dinner.

Yet, at the heart of it all, as so vividly expressed by Luther’s famous Christmas hymn, “From Heaven Above to Earth I Come”—the focus of two of our stories this month—is the birth of God’s Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • From the President: Sunshine and Peace
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • ‘Christmas Magic’— Raymond L. Hartwig
  • ‘From Heaven Above’ —William H. Otte
  • The Invitation— Erin Dalpini
  • Amid the Glitz: A Christmas Reminder — Sharon Plawin


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