Lutheran Witness: December 2010

By the world’s standards, Christmas may not make much sense. But Christ does. So be at ease.

He loved you in the manger, He loved you on the cross, and He loves you now . . . whether it makes sense or not.

  • From the President: Life Together: Confession or Witness?
  • From the Editor: To the Reader


  • When Half Spend Was the Night — William Weedon
  • Your Light Has Come! — Reed Lessing
  • Yes, Virginia. There Are Angels! — Rose E. Adle
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas— Terence Maher
  • God Bless Us, Every One! — Lonie Eatherton
  • The Smallest Gift — Tom Engel


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  • Q & A
  • Shedding Some Light
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