What’s Your Part?

by Elizabeth M. Truong

“If you’re a member of the LCMS, you’re a part of a global mission movement that has its roots in 1895 and continues through the present–spanning 90 countries, including millions of Lutherans around the world,” says the Rev. Dr. David Birner, interim co-executive director of the LCMS Office of International Mission. “God has placed you in the LCMS to be a part of His work on earth–reconciling the world unto Himself through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.”

God calls some people to go to foreign lands as missionaries. He also calls His people, the Church, to send those missionaries, to pray for the salvation of all people and to give to His mission. He also works through those who tell others about His death on the cross for their eternal salvation.

Deaconess Carol Halter has served as an LCMS career missionary in Asia since 1981, filling various roles over the years. As a 14-year-old girl, she heard a missionary home on furlough speak about his service. God used that to spark her interest. Carol writes, “A missionary from Africa came to our church and spoke to our Sunday School. It came as a shock to me that still so many people in this world did not know the Lord, Jesus Christ.

“After that, there was just one thing I wanted to do, and that was to tell them. As a young person, I often said to God, Here am I; send me. I didn’t know if God could really use me or not, but I always hoped so. I rejoiced when God first allowed me to come to the mission field of Hong Kong, and now after more than 30 years of proclaiming His love to the Chinese people, I still rejoice. I thank God for letting me serve on this mission field, and I pray that He will send many more to the mission fields to reap the harvest that is ripe and waiting.”

LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison notes, “Today, the fundamental gift and task of the Lutheran Church is to bear witness to Jesus Christto His Gospel and all its facets.”

What task does the Lord have in store for you? Is it telling others about mission opportunities or praying for people you know to consider missionary service? Or is it bearing witness to Jesus in another way? Today, will you prayerfully consider your part in the global mission of Jesus Christ?

About the author: Elizabeth M. Truong is a staff writer for LCMS Communications.

December 2011



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