Lutheran Witness: December 2012

Commercialized Christmases make it easy for us to forget that Mary and Joseph were a real couple. We forget that the Wise Men and the shepherds actually saw Jesus, that Herod was a real ruler, that his order of the death of baby boys really happened, that John the Baptist actually preached and baptized, wore camels’ hair and bucked trends.

All of this makes it easy to forget that Jesus, our Lord, is a real person too. We fail to remember that He came to us as a man in a specific time at a specific place, that He is part of history, that history and eternity met in His birth. To help us remember that all of these people and places and events were real, this December we study the faces of Christmas.

  • From the President: Joy Over Life
  • From the Editor: To the reader


  • Unto Us a Child Is Born — Jaroslav Vajda
  • The Fullness of Time — Gene Edward Veith
  • Heaven’s Gift — William R. Kilps
  • The Voice That Cries Out — Ross Engel
  • Christmas Can Be Brutal — Sean Daenzer


  • 10 Minutes with… The Rev. Gregory Seltz
  • Family Matters Christmas is for children
  • This we believe Songs of joy
  • Letters
  • This month in church Advent
  • Notices
  • Searching Scripture Christmas is real

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