Lutheran Witness: June/July 2012

This issue discusses the trend of “do-it-yourself” or “cafeteria” religion—what one of our authors calls choosing our doctrines from a “buffet of beliefs.” Offering a foretaste of what can befall those who style themselves as “spiritual” rather than “religious.”

  • From the President: Love Your Pastor
  • From the Editor: To the reader


  • Spiritual but Not Religious — Travis J. Scholl
  • Believe It Your Way — William Cwirla
  • Americans Designing a Make-Your-Own Religion — Cathy Lynn Grossman
  • Utterly Foreign — Peter Berg
  • Godadoodles and Godschnoodles — Gaven Mize


  • WMLT Youth Will Live Love(d) — Elizabeth M. Truong
  • 10 minutes with… Dr. Bruce G. Kintz — James H. Heine
  • Family Matters Teaching the Faith — Daniel A. Hinton
  • This month in church The Best Cardio Exercise — Greg Wismar
  • Letters
  • Shedding some light
  • Notices
  • Searching Scripture Say the same thing — Joshua Hayes

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