Lutheran Witness: November 2012

This month, we focus on our church’s pastors—those men who preach, teach and baptize in and by Christ’s stead here on earth—and the ways in which the Synod can pray and care for them.

  • From the President: Pastor and Congregation 101
  • From the Editor: To the reader


  • The Lord’s Office — Seth Clemmer
  • Set Free! — Adriane Dorr
  • To God’s Beloved Flock — Douglas Taylor
  • Love Your Pastor — Joe Olson
  • Hiding behind Christ — Anthony Voltattorni


  • This month in church Dark and Drab Light and Joy — William Weedon
  • 10 Minutes with… Carlene Barthé
  • Family Matters Pressures of family life — Sherri Long
  • Letters
  • Notices
  • Searching Scripture Good and Faithful Servant — Rev. Vincent Xavier Shaw

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