Lutheran Witness: September 2013

An Excerpt from the President’s Letter

The convention was really remarkable in that the vast majority of resolutions passed with overwhelming majorities of 90 percent or more. Many passed unanimously! Very significant and potentially controversial resolutions on issues like visitation and close(d) Communion passed in the high 70s.

We are blessed, truly blessed.

As this next triennium unfolds, our task will be to work toward reasonable consensus on issues that have continued to trouble and divide, such as SMP and the licensed deacon programs. We must work toward unifying solutions that are faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, solutions that are wise and that find the path of good order serving the Gospel, recognizing legitimate Christian freedom.

By God’s grace, we can do it.


From the President: Unifying Solutions


  • Strong Faith, Fervent Love
  • Lutheran Youth Corps
  • Restructuring
  • Lutheran Ethos
  • Mission Priorities 1-6
  • Partner Churches
  • Financial Trends
  • District Giving
  • Encouraging Signs
  • The Wittenberg Project
  • Synod Partners
  • Concordia University System
  • The Seminaries
  • Worship
  • Caring for New Shepherds
  • Lutheran Malaria Initiative


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