August 2013 Letters

I am writing this letter to thank all of those involved with the publication of The Lutheran Witness. This magazine is full of relevant articles concerning very important issues and accurately addresses these issues from a biblical and confessional Lutheran approach. It is full of rich theology, which is attractive to a pre-seminary student like myself, but also is very practical, and I firmly believe there is something for everyone in every issue. Again, I thank you for such a quality publication and pray for God’s continued blessings for all involved.

Jay Weideman
Seward, Neb.

Never in my life has your magazine been as consistently excellent. Unashamedly Christ-centered, steadfastly committed to speaking the truth in love . . . so please receive this criticism without injury. For those of us who love and believe in truth–God’s Word and Luther’s doctrine–I have to wonder why you print so many critical letters that are simply not Lutheran. It’s often the only downer in the entire magazine. On some questions in life, there aren’t other sides. There’s simply the truth and, for those who will receive it, the “amens.”

Rev. Steve Sommerer
Carlyle, Ill.

As a young Lutheran mother, I was so pleased with May’s issue of The Lutheran Witness. My husband and I have been discussing how we want to cultivate a Lutheran household and immerse our son in his baptismal identity. Each and every article in [the] issue was so helpful to me. I am saving this issue and will be referring to it many times. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Word of God and for making this resource available.

Mackenzie Ross
Fort Wayne, Ind.

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