Lutheran Witness: August 2019

In its August issue, The Lutheran Witness focuses on the theme “Joy:fully Lutheran.” 



  • Easy Joy? — Sharla Fritz 
  • Seven Reasons to Be ‘Joy:fully Lutheran’ — Ryan P. Tinetti 
  • Discover the Joy — Bart Day 
  • ‘For the Good of the Church’ — Megan K. Mertz 
  • Branches of the True Vine — Erik M. Lunsford and Kevin Armbrust 
  • Historic Trinity: 180 Years of Joyful Service — Steven Albers 
  • Light in the Darkness — Dan Dinkel 


  • world views: A monthly news column from Gene Edward Veith
  • searching scriptures: What Joy?! — Timothy Pauls 
  • bene+diction: More Than a Feeling — Sarah Ludwig Rausch 

From the editor

“Rejoice always.”

Simple words. As a matter of fact, a simple verse to memorize (that’s the whole verse). Yet many of us long for moments of joy, let alone “always” joy. When the apostle says we are to rejoice always, it seems far-fetched or even impossible, as though joy is something we achieve or obtain. Joy, however, is given by the giver of every good gift. And just as His gifts are primarily through His Son, Jesus, so is the gift of joy.

This month’s Lutheran Witness is full of joy. Not every story is happy. Not every story is simple or easy. Yet in all that we do, Lutherans confess that God’s grace in Christ is joy. The God whose revelation is the suffering servant is not absent when His people suffer. As we struggle, we praise Him and rejoice in His love in Jesus.

But this life does have times of happiness and palpable joy. In those moments we praise God and share that joy with those around us. I pray that something herein might encourage you to return once again to His Word and find therein His joy.

Joy:fully Lutheran

Kevin Armbrust
Interim Managing Editor, The Lutheran Witness

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