Necessary Conversations: Religion & Politics

In polite conversation there are two topics you are not supposed to discuss: religion and politics. These days, with a charged presidential election on the horizon, with struggles over the pandemic and racism, with cultural battles and Supreme Court decisions, these two topics seem even more dangerous than ever before.

With this issue of The Lutheran Witness, we are wading right on into these turbulent waters.

To be clear, we are not wading into these waters to tell you how to vote. However, we are affirming that you cannot walk into the voting booth without your faith. And so, as you approach the booth this coming fall, approach it in the knowledge that the same Lord who laid down His life for your sins and brought you salvation also rules over the authorities and powers of this age. There might indeed be two kingdoms, but there’s only one King.

Part of making a wise decision in politics means reading the news and knowing what is at stake. You have to sort through facts and fictions put out in the media, social and otherwise. It is helpful to have conversations with friends and family about these topics, but such conversations can be hard. The authors in this month’s issue will help you have these conversations. The secret: Trust in Christ as the King and reflect that trust in your conversations.

As we struggle through the next four months and the political and social chaos it will entail, do not be anxious. The cares and concerns of this life can easily consume you; do not let them. Instead, sit at the feet of Jesus and receive the one thing necessary: Him. That’s all the perspective you need in this chaotic time.

Looking to Christ crucified,

Roy S. Askins

Managing Editor, The Lutheran Witness

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