Letter From the Editor

The First Christian Community

The Book of Acts records how our Lord worked through the first Christian community to send forth the Gospel into all the world.

A Chaste Community

This issue discusses how to live in and defend chastity in a culture that rejects it.

A Hopeful Community

We do not despair. The church of God is a community buoyed by hope, confident in God.

The Divine Service: A Guide

In this issue of The Lutheran Witness, we will help you understand and receive the eternal treasures of the Divine Service.

The Blessing of Children

Every child is a blessing, even if that blessing is an opportunity for parents to learn self-sacrifice — and even if that blessing is, in the eyes of the world, one too many.

Ground of All Truth

“What is truth?” Jesus is Truth, and so Jesus stands at the heart of this (and every) issue of The Lutheran Witness.

Difficult Teachings of Scripture

We take these topics up because they are difficult teachings of Scripture, teachings that perhaps Christians feel a bit ashamed about or find difficult to understand.

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