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Are you a writer? Are you interested in writing for The Lutheran Witness

For nearly 140 years, The Lutheran Witness has taught and educated English-speaking Lutherans all over the world. We teach what the Bible teaches; we confess the doctrine of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. We warn against false doctrine; we hold up the history of the church; we celebrate Lutheran hymnody. We are unabashedly Lutheran because we are unabashedly biblical. 

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We are now looking for writers to submit outlines and articles on the following topics: 

Chaste and Decent Life

(Since the deadline for this topic is October 16, simply submit an outline for approval.)

Description: Our God is chaste; unlike the ancient gods of Rome and Greece or the personal idols of today, our God is not driven by His passions, be they sexual or otherwise. God’s people likewise seek to live “chaste and decent lives.” All throughout Scripture, God portrays His relationship with His people in marital terms. Therefore, when we pervert the marital gift, when we live unchaste lives, we risk perverting the image of Christ and His church. All sexual perversions (whether LGBTQIA+ or porn or promiscuity or marital infidelity, etc.) require repentance and a return to the Lord.

We are looking for articles on topics such as:

  • Our identity in Christ as His bride
  • A chaste and decent life
  • Speaking in love toward the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Gender dysphoria — psychological and/or political perspective?
  • Pornography in all its forms
  • Promiscuity, whether in marriage or before it

Submission deadline: October 16

Return to the Word

Description: God’s people long to hear His Word regularly. But how and where does the Christian listen to God’s Word? Regular attendance in church on Sunday is a given. Another essential component of regular study of God’s Word occurs in the home. This issue will teach about doing home devotions, teaching the faith in a simple way, singing the faith in family devotions, reading God’s Word and more.

Articles might cover topics such as:

  • A Guide for Home Devotions
  • Singing with the Saints
  • Memorizing the Word of God
  • How to Read God’s Word
  • Outline of the Bible

Submission deadline: November 16


Descriptions: Luther explains the first commandment: “You shall fear, love and trust in God above all things.” We are constantly tempted to trust in something other than God to take care of us or provide for us. We look for joy and comfort in things and forces other than God. These sins often take the form of superstitions; we mistakenly trust in them to provide security and confidence in trial and tribulations.

Articles might cover topics such as: 

  • Superstitions at the end of life
  • Is the “satanic arts” from the 2nd Commandment still relevant?
  • Meditation and the Word of God — modern practices and the biblical practice of meditation
  • Karma, luck and other spiritualisms common in our culture

 Submission deadline: November 16

If you are interested, once again, visit our contribute page to learn more.

4 thoughts on “Write for The Lutheran Witness in 2021”

  1. On the “submission guidelines” page, it says, “The upcoming themes for 2021 include:
    *Funerals, death and dying.” However, I don’t see that particular theme noted on this page, which only has upcoming deadlines and themes for this year. Do you have more information about the 2021 theme of death? Thank you!

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