Lutheran Witness: October 2023

The October issue of The Lutheran Witness takes up “Difficult Teachings of Scripture,” with articles on slavery, polygamy, Law and Gospel, free will, and other challenging portions of God’s Word.


  • Difficult or Easy? Law and Gospel in the Christian lifeKorey D. Maas
  • The Creator’s Tapestry for Marriage: Understanding polygamy in Scripture — Gregory Lockwood
  • Show Them No Mercy: The expulsion of the Canaanites — Thomas Egger
  • Slaves of Righteousness: What the Bible says about slavery — Roy S. Askins
  • Your Will: Bound or Free? — Robert Kolb
  • The Loves & Hates of a Disciple of Jesus: Jesus’ teaching on discipleship — Jeffrey A. Oschwald


  • Snippets: News from around the LCMS and the world
  • Reviews: A review of Flame’s Extra Nos: Discovering Grace Outside Myself
  • Lutheran Education: The Books of Lutheran Education
  • Set Apart to Serve: Church Work as a Second Career
  • Searching Scripture: Pressing on Toward the Goal

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