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Fatherhood in God’s Image

The Fatherhood of God should shape, form and order the fatherhood of man.


LCMS Stewardship Feature Story
Acedia: The Steward’s Deadly Sin

When there is acedia (that is, apathy) toward stewardship, there is apathy toward the work of the Gospel.

“Saint Martin and the Beggar” by El Greco

In any act of Christian charity, we see Christ.

‘My Kingdom Is Not of This World’: On success and vocation

God never promises worldly success or wealth or fame. What He promises is far better.

Lukas Cranach, Proclaimer of the Gospel in Visual Form

While Luther proclaimed the doctrine of justification in words, Lukas Cranach brought out this theology visually through his art.

‘Conventionality is not morality’: What Jane Eyre Teaches About True Virtue

Charlotte Brontë wants us to think about the difference between things that are good and things that look good.

LCMS Stewardship Feature Story
Generosity in God’s Image

You were created by God to reflect His will among creation.

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