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Fatherhood in God’s Image

The Fatherhood of God should shape, form and order the fatherhood of man.


Why (and How) to Read Your Kids Disturbing Bible Stories

Our children need to know about ugly realities like sin, death and the devil in order to understand the faith.

The Problem With Random Acts of Kindness

Christian love is specific and sacrificial. It is meted out through the concentric circles of our vocation.

How to Listen to a Sermon — Even When It’s Hard

Making a few changes in how you listen may yield a surprising increase in your personal takeaways from the Sunday sermon.

How to Pray in Public

Many of us feel uncomfortable when praying out loud. Here is some practical guidance for doing so.

Review: Barbie — The Fruitless Search for Perfection

Writ large, the Barbie conundrum is really a human conundrum. We long for something ideal and perfect and good, but …

LCMS Stewardship Feature Story
Stewardship Lessons from a Mission Trip

Mission trips can be a great and lasting tool for teaching and forming stewards.

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