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Why Worker Wellness? A word to pastors

By taking our health seriously, we will have more resilience to handle trials when they come, and to continue to serve one another well through them.


Our Great Heritage: Boniface of Mainz

As missionary to the Germans, he boldly confessed Christ as Lord and paved the way for Christianity to spread through Europe and beyond.

Liturgy Brings Order to Our Disorder

Liturgy roots Christians in God’s Word, equipping them for life, witness and vocation.

LCMS Stewardship Feature Story
Four Budgeting Lessons

These are four pieces of budgeting wisdom that every congregational steward leader should consider.

Cohabitation Hurts More Than a Couple

Cohabitation harms not just the couple’s conscience but the broader Christian community.

On “Easter Mystery” by Maurice Denis

Maurice Denis’ mysterious Easter scene conveys the prophecies fulfilled, and the life won for us, in the Resurrection.

Our Great Heritage: Augustine

A heathen turned heretic turned Christian, this church father helped defend the church against the heresy of works righteousness.

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