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Our Great Heritage: Martin Luther

This humble German pastor and professor sought to restore the teachings of Scripture and share the blessing of a comforted conscience.


Our Great Heritage: Bernard of Clairvaux

Though not without error in his life and teaching, this French abbot loved Christ, and his confession of faith rings down through the ages.

Fiction as a Means of Grace?

Good fiction can place the reader into the story in a way that history or news or even systematic theology cannot.

On ‘Anna Karenina’: A prescient critique of sexual disorder

Although he wrote long before the Sexual Revolution, Tolstoy anticipates the tragic effects of such an ethic on human life.

Our Great Heritage: Boniface of Mainz

As missionary to the Germans, he boldly confessed Christ as Lord and paved the way for Christianity to spread through Europe and beyond.

Liturgy Brings Order to Our Disorder

Liturgy roots Christians in God’s Word, equipping them for life, witness and vocation.

LCMS Stewardship Feature Story
Four Budgeting Lessons

These are four pieces of budgeting wisdom that every congregational steward leader should consider.

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